The Personal Stuff ...

Yes, in this world, business and personal does blend, and this is part of what makes me who I am ...

I had debated putting personal information on my business site; but after some thought, I decided to share this page with you, my visitors - some whom are new, some who only know the business person, and many whom are familiar with me personally, as well as with my family.Because behind every business is real people, with real life experiences. Many who visit are familiar with ministry work that my late husband and I were involved with. Some have wondered what has become of those things that were so much a part of our life. As a result, I have recently put together a small presentation of just a part of that journey since his departure. You may view here if you would like to do so.

Ono's Life

I will be updating this page at a later date to add more information - including a photo gallery - but am excited to share about this venture to carry on his name, his calling in life. Ono lives on in our hearts and in our lives as we continue to support that which was important to Him.


PS: If you wish, also link to me on Facebook. I am using that forum to reflect the current happenings in my life simply because of its ease of use for family and friends to connect. That's where you will see the kids, the pets, various outings, a bit of my photography, etc. Also, due to many requests, I have uploaded a few of my articles and sermons which you may access here. I pray they are a blessing and an encouragement to you for whatever season of life you may be in.