A few of my articles, sermons, encouraging words...

ministry ... another part of my life that contributes to who I am today

Some of my articles / encouraging words ....

Rising Higher Children Increase
Personal Declarations Inventions, Cures, & Revelations Believers Covenant Declaration
Let It Rain One Kingdom Frustration & Abandonment

Some of my sermons / testimony ...

What Side Of The Cross Are YOU On? Good Friday - What Do We Remember?  
To Question God Enlarging The Place Of Your Tent


Web World has become more diversified over the years. Web World was initially created strictly to promote my website design / maintenance / hosting portfolio. Later, after many requests, it was expanded to add more info about me personally, and my family. Web World is growing again.

My business, personal and ministry contacts expand far and wide. This medium allows me to stay connected with all of them. In that light, I have included more of my ministry portfolio, including encouraging words, and samples/parts of a few sermons I have given. I continue to pursue my studies towards my degree in Theology and due to the many requests for my articles, I have decided to streamline and post them here for any who may be encouraged by them.

You are welcome to print and distribute my articles, as long as you leave my name and contact information intact. A link-back to the articles or to my site are always welcomed. If you have found my articles / sermons to be an encouragement to you, please, drop me a line and let me know. It is always encouraging to hear how others are being impacted.

(i would be remiss to not add that much of the refining process in this area was from the tedious involvement of a former very patient mentor. if you like, you will find her sermons here and here published book here.)