What some of my Clients have to say...

I can say whatever I want, but what do THEY have to say?

I found her to be extremely professional and very proactive.  Anything asked of her, she performed immediately and with excellent results.  Sharon has a very wonderful attitude and is a great “people person”.  She has an incredible personality and is full of life. (Shauna Skilling, Namenco Consulting)

Sharon's Productivity was one of the highest in our group. She has a strong drive to complete all required functions with very high quality. Her people skills are superb. She talks to all, showing respect and understanding, and most respondents were easily converted. She worked well on her own and in a team. Sharon was always willing to follow directives and change directions at a moment’s notice. (Christine Novikoff, Government of Canada)

Ms. Loduca has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism... the end result was fabulous and we are absolutely thrilled with the final product! We have received many great reviews ... Despite our many revisions and after-thought changes, Ms. Loduca remained positive, pleasant, and the ultimate professional. She always responded to all our calls and emails within 24 hours and the work was always completed within the following 24-48 hours - without exception. ...Ms. Loduca not only listened to our needs and preferences, she respected our ideas and used all information...her professional advice and dynamic suggestions were always welcomed and useful... She is very dedicated and passionate and it shows in the originality of her designs. Ms. Loduca does not seem to run out of inventive ideas and solutions! .... Someone who lives up to their motto - We appreciated the lively approach of all explanations.... Ms. Loduca went far and beyond our expectations... (Martine Gautier, President, The Language Studio)

Sharon, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work - it hasn't gone unnoticed! You are either crazy or very dedicated. I know your hard work comes from true dedication. It is very evident whenever I enter your home...You've had some very challenging children and families in your care and met those challenges without any difficulty. You are able to deal with the children and parents so effectively because you put your biases and judgements aside and allow them to learn from their own choices. When I watch you interact with the children, it is very clear that they respect and trust you....Your calm demeanour and continual patience makes the children very comfortable in approaching you and comfortable around you. The parents are all extremely pleased with the care you provide. They love all the educational activities you do and appreciate all the one-to-one you give their children. Thank you so much for all your hard work, I really do appreciate it. Keep up the great work! (Lianne Campbell, Executive Coordinator)

Sharon is a team-worker, provides constant feedback, and listens to our concerns... (Brad & Sue Fisher, Detectives, Toronto Police)

Sharon is very interactive, will provide friendly, experienced advice when asked. She is very flexible and understanding, definitely a huge asset in my life! (Jennifer Khan, High School Teacher, Barrie)

You are truly gifted and your help and suggestions have been of tremendous help to us. What you have done is a real blessing to us. (Rev. Barbara Ganesh, Light of the World Ministries)

Regarding the site logo design ...I cannot thank you enough for helping out in this matter - it means a great deal. (Rev. John Smith, Totally Free Ministries)

"My daughter, Sarah, started with Sharon at six months of age. Sarah looked forward to going to Sharon's house and was always coming home with various crafts and goodies. I found Sharon very easy to talk to and she took the time to answer any questions or concerns I had. Since Sarah is my first child, Sharon gave me little guidelines to follow in regards to when to start to wean her off hte bottle, and different types of foods to try her with. Sharon's mannerisms are polite and I found this reflected onto Sarah. Also, Sharon's home was always neat and presentable, which to me is somewhere I was comfortable leaving my child. Sarah seemed to eat better for sharon than she did for me too!! Thank you Sharon for making the transition back into the workforce an easier one." Cathy Laws

"... i feel Sharon was very organized in her daycare. She taught the kids manners, and did crafts all the time. She also used to teach the kids right from wrong (which I liked)...." Sherry & Brad Jackson

"We sent our very precious son, Steven, to be taken care of by Sharon. As every parent is aware, it is a very difficult thing to leave your child with a caregiver five days a week. When we first met Sharon and her family, we were relieved and very comfortable to have her take care of our son and heaved a sigh of great relief. With strong morals and a christian home, Steven thrived and became very well-mannered, played extremely well with other children, and learned his 1-2-3's. Often Steven would come home proudly displaying an activity they had achieved that dor or his stomach full from the cookies they had baked, and always came home with a genuine happy face. I highly recommend Sharon as a caregiver and have full confidence in her decisions she is required to make in her day-to-day activities involved in being a caregiver. It is an important responsibility to open your door and welcome in the little ones."Frank & Gloria Van Laarhoven

(I have signed hard-copies available for your viewing. If you wish to speak directly with my references, please feel free to call me for their phone numbers.)